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A celebration of passion and sensuality – Brangelina sings!

With this festival performance from the Zurich Opera, the great Vesselina Kasarova makes her long-awaited debut in one of the greatest mezzo roles in the operatic repertoire: Carmen.

From the moment she appears on stage to the close of the opera just after the heroine's death, Kasarova dominates the stage with her amazingly nuanced mezzo and her mesmerizing charisma. This is no brazen gypsy girl who turns men's heads with a toss of her black curls and a sway of the hips; this is a modern, self-confident woman who knows exactly what she wants. This Carmen doesn't need castanets to express her passion: it glows from within.


She has a partner of equal stature in Jonas Kaufmann's Don José, who, in Matthias Hartmann's production, believably undergoes a transformation from repressed mama's boy to passionate, jealousy-crazed hothead. With "the looks and nonchalance of a rock star" (New York Magazine), Kaufmann is being handled as "arguably the greatest tenor of the past 50 years" (The Guardian). The Zurich production is Kaufmann's second stage version of Don José, following his role debut in London, which was greeted with standing ovations.


In the orchestra pit, conductor Franz Welser-Möst highlights the crisp, French contours of Bizet's 1875 opera rather than its Mediterranean sensuality, weaving a transparent texture that is an ideal foil for the emotional density of the vocal parts. Caressing the soloists' voices, the orchestra of the Zurich Opera seems to respond almost improvisationally to the many subtle shadings of the protagonists, especially Kasarova's.


She and Kaufmann also form the nucleus of Matthias Hartmann's staging. His Seville is a vaguely Mediterranean Anywhere unobtrusively evoked by Volker Hintermeier's props and Su Bühler's costumes. Hartmann relies on Martin Gebhardt's imaginative lighting to infuse the stage with a palpable atmosphere ranging from dusky twilight to sweltering midday heat. Clasart's recording from the Zurich Opera will keep the uniqueness of this grandiose production alive for years to come.

Georges Bizet
Orchester der Oper Zürich
Franz Welser-Möst
Michele Pertusi, Jonas Kaufmann, Vesselina Kasarova
Matthias Hartmann
TV Director
Felix Breisach
Picture Format
5.1 Surround Sound